How To Use Pheromone Products Effectively

The first thing you need to know is that 'pheromone' is a science with subtle undertones to adjust human behaviour, not like The Gilroy as you may have seen in the Oceans 13 movie worn by Linus (Matt Damon).

It's where most new users get it wrong, their expectation and not realising that by their body language and attitude given off via over-exaggeration or as such showing-off that in fact others are being put off, right off. The best and most simple advice we can offer is to just forget you are wearing pheromone(s) and try to be yourself, our attraction range of products simply open doors for you to walk through with confidence.


What to expect when wearing pheromone.

A passing glance, a smile from another or eye-contact from the other side of the room. And it's that subtle... The interaction which would normally never happen to you, shall and in 'real world' trials we have found that conversation just happens and as we have micro-adjusted our blend over the years it leads to success.

That boy or girl you always wanted to chat to is now standing right there.

Does it always work for everyone? No, is the straight answer and to be honest there's a few reviews out there about pheromones claiming the product doesn't work. That's not quite true. 

Pheromones work by triggering a response within the Vomeronasal Organ and contrary to common lore, there's no smell and in a proportion of adult human beings the nerve endings are no longer functional. The organ essentially detects hormones, chemical messages if you shall and in sex-hormones that is an important message. If the unwritten language of love is telling you this isn't the best idea, it's probably a good idea to listen to the natural world and move forward.

Pheromones work for most people. To be blunt though, you have to give yourself a chance and don't expect miracles if you have poor hygiene, lacking physical qualities that others may / may not find attractive or a personality that could wilt a flower at one hundred feet. 


The difference between our pheromones and blends.

We use three different and high grade pure pheromones in our blends at differing ratios, for different scenarios. There are three main blends;

Attraction of Men, Attraction of Women and Relaxation.

Importantly we describe our products as 'what they do' rather than 'for use by' as many other producers prefer to, don't get confused. Whichever gender you identify as simply follow what is stated upon the product, you want to attract men then that's the product you purchase. We call these our Three-Pheromone™ attraction pheromones, sorry we can't reveal which we use...

The relaxation type is a single pheromone with the nickname the 'cuddle pheromone' because, well that is what it does. This is primarily found in our massage candles and bath bombs for obvious reasons.

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